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Nonna Magali clothing line for kids aged 0-14.

In our shop you’ll find elegance and attention to detail for your child clothing: the clothes have a timeless classic style due to our grandmas and mothers passion and love! Our Nonna Magali line was established in 1999 and over the years it’s become a fashion reference point for kids aged 0-14 too.

Nonna Magali a 100% Italian brand that uses raw material: cashmere, wool, merino wool, linen and cotton.

In our shops you’ll find a nice selection of winter clothes such as gloves, hats, pompom bonnets and scarves. We also have coats, ski suits, winter jackets, polo shirt, light jumpers, shoes, pyjamas, trousers, Bermuda shorts… You name it!

Opening time: 09:30-19:00 (Monday-Saturday). See on page where to find us for further information, like special openings etc. There will be written all about our timetables right there. You can buy on-line, from your house or your office for your convenience (our is a 24 hours a day service). You’ll get what you ordered in 48 hours after payment.